Instruction Montage

Seat Covers montage instruction

 Step 1: Preparation
• Unzip all the zippers on the cover.
• Remove any Velcro fastenings.
Step 2: Installing the Seat
•Place the seat, starting from the back, and pull it forward.
• Pull and tie the strings.
Step 3: Installing on the Backrest
 • Place thecover over the backrest, starting from the top and working your way down.
Step 4: Excess Material
• Tuck any excess fabric into the gap between the seat and the backrest.
Step 5: Closing the Zippers
• Close the
zippers located under the armrests.
Step 6: Installing the Armrest Covers
• Put on the armrest covers, being careful not to pull by the zippers.
• Zip them up.
Please exercise caution while following each step to prevent damaging the cover and
maintain its aesthetic appearance.