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Floor Mats fits Volvo vnl 860 (2019 - Current) Full Floor Set & 2 Additional Protective mats - Prestige-Line - BEIGE

Floor Mats fits Volvo vnl 860 (2019 - Current) Full Floor Set & 2 Additional Protective mats - Prestige-Line - BEIGE

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Beige floor Mats fits Volvo vnl 860 (2019 - Current).

Welcome to our exclusive range of floor mats for Prestige Line trucks, available in five elegant colors: beige, brown, black, gray, and red.

Our Prestige Line mats are the perfect choice for drivers who appreciate both aesthetics and functionality.

Elegance and Durability: Our Prestige Line floor mats are made from high-quality textured faux leather, which not only adds prestige to the truck's interior, but is also extremely durable and resistant to daily wear and tear. Thanks to meticulous craftsmanship and the use of top-quality materials, these mats will maintain their appearance and functionality for many years.

Protection and Easy Cleaning: The package also includes protective black mats that should be placed beneath the driver's and passenger's feet. These mats provide additional protection for the truck's floor against dirt, water, dust, mud, and other external factors. Moreover, these mats are very easy to clean, allowing you to keep the truck's interior impeccably clean.

Modular Design: Prestige Line mats are divided into several elements that can be easily placed inside the truck's cabin, allowing for customization to suit individual needs and cabin configurations.

Easy Installation: Installing the mats is incredibly simple, thanks to the use of Velcro fasteners that enable quick and secure connection of the elements. You don't have to worry about the mats shifting during the drive – they are securely fastened and ready for use.

Summary: Prestige Line floor mats are not just an accessory for your truck; they are a statement of luxury and functionality. They offer protection for the cabin floor, are easy to install and clean, and exude style and elegance. Choose Prestige Line to accentuate the unique character of your truck. For drivers who demand more than the standard, our mats are the perfect solution.

These beige floor mats will work for the popular Volvo trucks:
Volvo vnl 860
Volvo vnl 2019
Volvo vnl 2020
Volvo vnl 2021
Volvo vnl 2022
Volvo vnl 2023

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